Announcing automated engineering insights

8 out of 10 engineering managers use spreadsheets to track engineering efficiency, delivery, capacity and project status. And it’s painful. Business goals are far removed, reporting is manual and lagging and there’s no real-time syncing with Github or Jira.

Today, we’re announcing a new way to maximize engineering impact and scale product delivery, using your existing workflows. Understand how engineering delivery connects to business impact, across teams and across timelines in minutes.

Three years ago, Tara AI was launched to the world, with the mission of revolutionizing software delivery. And as we worked towards that mission, we realized the importance of development visibility– how it can unify teams and allow team leaders to eliminate silos within the organization.

Over the past year, we have interviewed hundreds of engineering teams and leaders, delving into their pains, manual spreadsheets, and more. With an unparalleled understanding of their needs, our team has worked diligently to build a product that can define the future of engineering management. Today, we’re announcing automated engineering insights to help unlock the potential of engineering teams and their workflows. 

Understand how engineering delivery connects to business impact

Every engineering team wants to measure their engineering efficiency and drive focus toward high-value projects. Backed by millions of data points and field research, Tara AI Insights is designed to give teams the visibility that you need– by syncing with your existing workflows to deliver actionable insights, in real time. 

Actionable insights, beyond metrics 

Engineering activities

With our automated engineering insights, teams no longer have to reconcile data between GitHub and Jira. Tara AI syncs with your existing workflows to deliver visibility on deployment frequency, pull request (PR) cycle time, issue progresses, activities, and more. Is your team shipping to production fast enough, or is your team’s PR throughput consistent? What is the average cycle time? By gaining a better understanding of your engineering effort, teams can gain actionable insights to improve efficiency and maximize engineering impact.

No more manual spreadsheets for project status updates

Tara AI Insights also gives you full visibility into the stages of the software development lifecycle, from dev to production, so you can understand where things are in real-time. By eliminating the need for manual spreadsheets, this will save teams valuable engineering time while allowing leadership to set clear priorities as the environment shifts.

Gaining insights on phases of the software development cycle to accelerate engineering velocity

Align on priorities and planned work

With Insights, team leaders can see where engineering priorities are heading and how engineers are spending their time. Is your team focusing too much on fixing technical debt, or spending time on support issues that prevent them from shipping features? With more visibility into time allocation, teams can reduce unplanned work and focus on delivering features that matter. 

Our Insights feature also allows managers to view individual engineering performance and understand where their engineers are blocked. You can view issue breakdown, by members or by status, to see how their team is performing, quickly identify engineering overload and reduce developer burnout.

Build and deliver, with security

We wanted to make sure that teams building with Tara AI feel secure about data privacy, so you can focus on what matters. For a high level of security, our Insights plan offers a dedicated single-tenant environment, SOC II Compliance, 2-factor authentication, IP whitelisting, enhanced deletion recovery, and more. 

Here’s our launch keynote, presented at the Generative AI summit, at the Computer History museum in Mountain View, California.

We’re currently reviewing and granting access to teams for this first limited release. More to come as we onboard teams!

Curious about Tara AI Insights? You can request a demo with our team.